Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not happy

My suggestion did not go over to well with my husband.  He thinks we can work things out.  I tried explaining to him about the anxiety and anger etc.. and he thinks it is something that we can work on.  I can't work on it, I have tried and tried for over 3 years now.  I am even angry at him in my dreams.  I had a dream where I was having a nervous breakdown and I woke up with symptoms of having another nervous breakdown.  I feel like I'm heading down that path again.  He told me that he doesn't have anywhere to go.  I told him if he had a job and could support himself and his son that wouldn't be a problem.  Why should I have to take care of him?  
The whole medical insurance thing has hindered us too.  If he gets a job with no benefits we will loose our health insurance because we will make too much money.  If he gets a job with benefits sometimes family health insurance is an outrageous amount.  Either way we are screwed.  I'm so mad that he is trying to justify his staying here.  I feel like I will cave and let him.  Maybe I'll tell him to go pack the tent and stay at a campground for a week.. Or go to the family summer house for a couple weeks.  I suggested that.  He doesn't seem to keen on that idea.  I told him it is not my problem.  I told him this is my house and I will not leave it.  I already had to leave one house behind because of that asshat I used to live with.  People who know me will know all about that situation.  12 years of hell being trapped with someone.  I am feeling trapped again.  Why am I so fucking stupid when it comes to men?  I must have sucker written all over me.

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