Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wedding plans moving ahead

Yesterday was a busy day in wedding world. We visited with the florist and the cake decorator. The flower theme we are going with is casual, summery and seasonal. Black eyed susans, sunflower, daisys etc.. Here is a picture of the cake we are getting except in different colors.. and also a cake topper, no writing.
It should be really nice. We are getting a double layer with chocolate cake and raspberry filling. White frosting and orange, yellow, white type flowers. I have a dress but it needs to be altered slightly under the bosom area. Here is a picture of me in it.

The reason I am not smiling is because I was just posing to potentially sell this dress on E-bay. I still haven't completely decided if I want to wear it or not. I am being encouraged to do so by a few people. They said it looks great, just needs a slight alteration. I am not going to wear the veil in the picture either probably. Too much. Too big! I look like a midget in this dress!


  1. I'm glad you are getting some things done for the wedding. The cake sounds good. The dress is in need of some alterations for you but it's lovely.

  2. Got the flowers ,cake and dress now get the pastor and you are set!

  3. Gee! Best Wishes! I like your blog! Please come visit me at Lurkynat and comment there too!
    I love how you described the cake
    the dress is lovely
    Do you have someone who could shorten it? Could she advise you?

  4. So nice to see the wedding plans are coming along nicely. Regarding the dress, why not get the alterations done and then decide if you want to stick with it? Then, again, what do I know ... I have no idea how much alterations would cost ...

  5. You are right ... It would cost a lot of money to alter it...sell the dress on E-Bay and use the money you get for a short trip or a nice romantic dinner for you both!
    love ya,

  6. Hey...your ebay purchase will be sent out - most likely tomorrow. Hubby G is my shipping manager and he'll do it at lunch or right after work. Thank you so much! I just listed more stuff (ha!).

    Thanks for your comment in my journal today too.

    I think the dress is pretty, but for your wedding, you want something that YOU LOVE!!!! It's your special day and you can find something you like that makes you happy. List away on the ebay world if not happy with that one.

    I have been married more than once. And I will say that with Hubby G I wore a turquoise dress b/c I liked the color and the dress(to the courthouse not a church)! My first dress in my twenties cost $44 on sale at Belks. So bargains are out there. If you are like me, you can't pay full price always. But they are out there. Wish I could come up and go shopping with you. We'd knock that little adventure out. I love to shop! ha.


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