Monday, June 15, 2009

School is out

School is out.. for Travis anyway. He only has one test and that is this Thursday. He has his Boces graduation this Thursday evening. I never got the chance to mail out the invites so I guess it will be phone calls. I can hand out the invites later on for souveniers. Can't believe I wasted my money like that! I guess I can still get them out today and they will make it by Thursday.


  1. Congratulations! Another milestone! Well dont worry. Just call people and do like you said, give the invitations as a souvenir. Its ok, in the end the same people will come that would have come had you mailed the invites.

  2. I hope you got them in the mail. School being out is wonderful for lots in my family - both teachers and students!!! Congrats to the grad for sure!


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