Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm so proud! My son is graduating from Boces Vo-tec tonight. He took 2 years of Criminal Justice. He didn't pass his security guard test, but he did pass the course. He will have his high school graduation next week! He is at the high school right now taking his final in Biology. I ordered his cake yesterday. Marble with chocolate frosting. I'm sure he will get lots of $$$ for gifts so he can buy the guitar he wants. I suggested he start with a acoustic but if he has enough he could buy an electric with an amp. Him and my step-son are going to DJ his party! LOL heavy metal all day! We are having cook out food, picnic type food too. Chicken, dogs, hamburger, potato salad, baked beans, chips, soda, cake!
Rich's new job is going great. Only problem is he won't get paid until next week and probably only for 2 days. We need the money NOW! I get paid Wednesday but most of the money is going to have to go to bills. I hate having money issues, it is such a big source of stress for me. I'm sure there are people who know how I feel.
The wedding is 7 weeks away! Its getting close to the wire! Linda


  1. There will always be money woes. Even those with plenty have problems with it. Enjoy those special times and let go of the stress.

  2. nobody has money today kiddo that's why we have card debt.
    congrats to the grad
    chicken on the grill yummy to bad iran out of gas

  3. Money issues..??!!

    I'm still waiting for my bail-out and golden parachute......should come anyday now!!


  4. Congratulations to your son!

    Enjoy your weekend.


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