Friday, June 19, 2009

Potato Salad

Tennessee Granddaddy had this on his blog this morning. Worth watching all the way thru!

It rained all day yesterday. We went to Travis's graduation. It was long but nice. They had 350 graduates from the different classes. Our Vo-tec offers a wide variety of training programs from Cosmetology to Horse Care! Travis took two years of Criminal Justice. Not sure what good it is going to do but it might look good on a resume!


  1. Congrats to Travis I know your proud.

  2. Wow thos gals are limber.
    Congrats To Travis

  3. Glad you enjoyed Travis's graduation. with 350 graduates It certainly would take a while to get through them all ~ I think you are right "Criminal Justice" will look very good on a resume. Ally x

  4. Thank you. Yes, My Dad was a great man. Tomorow will be one year that he passed away. There are no words for the way I feel.I hate it..Congrats to Travis. Is that him in the picutre with you of your header.Thats a very nice picture. IM adding myself as a follower.Stop by anytime and please add yourself.
    Take care my new friend

  5. I wish Travis the "Best of Luck", Criminal Justice (Law Enforcement) is a good career, It was for me, I did it for 26 years, Is he 21 years old yet??????


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