Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, Monday

I'm finding it hard to get used to this new format. I did get a title picture up but it is enormous! I worked this past weekend and it was nice and relaxing. NO ONE telling me what to do or making my decisions for me. My own pace and time. I had barely any pain in my hips or feet either.

We have been having good luck on Freecycle lately. We did get a washer, but it won't spin like the old one.. grrrr. Not so lucky there. However we are due to pick up a nice mattress and also a computer desk and chair! I hope we get them and they are what we need. I still need a washer however!

I can't believe it is Oct 6th already. I think this month is going to fly by just like last month did. It will be Halloween soon. I am not sure if I told anyone that Sarah is going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz this year. We already have our Toto. I found a Dorothy dress at a yard sale for 50 cents! Now I just need red shoes! I am hoping the firehouse will let her bring "Toto" in for the costume parade if we go.

Work is going ok. We just had our annual Dept. of Health inspection and did very well. Two very minor deficiencies which already have been corrected. So this week or next we will be getting pizza or subs for lunch. Yeah! Free lunch!


  1. I agree that October is flying by and September seem to disappear in a blink. What fun to be Dorothy and I hope you find the shoes.

    I am still having problems with pictures. If I get something from my Photobuckets files and try to paste it on my blog, half of it is cut off. I would like to know how you got that big picture on. We are learning as we go along.

  2. the picture might be huge, but it is a great shot! We'll learn this yet....

  3. we'll learn this eventually! just goona take trial & error. lol
    i don't know how to use freecycle, i've tried but could never get it right. lol
    have a good week.

  4. Free lunch is great any time you can get it.

    I have a narrower picture at the top of my blog because I used my photo-editing program and made it that shape. However, since changing my Blogger background, it doesn't go all the way across. LOL. I'm no computer geek, so I have problems often.

    I do like your huge picture.

  5. Its a great pic...crisp and clear! Seems like this whole year is just flying by...and we wonder "where does the time go??"
    Take care...

  6. Good job on the inspection. Free lunch is always good!

    I hope it works out that you get your washer--and it works properly!


  7. I really like that picture on your blog! I think thats what drew me in!
    Halloween already, my youngest daughter wants to be a bumblebee, but with no stinger she says, because that would be embarrassing ha ha I think Dorothy is a great idea for a costume! I wanted my whole family to do that one year, you know one Dorothy, (my youngest daughter), a scarecrow (my hubby) Wicked witch of the west (that would be me since I already have the personality) and toto (my chihuahua) and my oldest daughter could have been a flying monkey or possibly, Glenda....
    my family did not go for it, party poopers!!!!

  8. To make the picture smaller, go back to where you uploaded it. Don't put a picture up yet! Click the shrink to fit box, now add the picture over again. It will be the same size as mine and Lisa's. I don't know how to do it manually so that you have the exact size you want but this will get it to a more... visible size. ;))

  9. Hard to believe that we are on the downslope to 2009. Good luck with getting the washer :o)

  10. I agree with you about time flying by, soon it will be Christmas! It's going to take some time to get used to all of this.

  11. I have to check out freecycle. We have a pool table up on craiglist for free but no bites yet.

  12. October is flying by. I love the photo... Good job on the inspection!


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