Friday, April 24, 2015

A much better year!

I sure have made some changes since my last post almost a year ago!  I am working, got a kayak, and still in school.  I must have been really depressed last year, that last post was dreadful!  Still no boyfriend, but you know what?  It is ok.  I've been out hiking a couple times with some man friends and enjoyed myself.  Even got a kiss from one!  Strange thing about him, Paul, is that he said he was "working for 9 days straight" and wouldn't be in contact.  In this day of e-mail and telephones, you would think that he could at least communicate that way!  Sheesh!
Ice is out on most of the local ponds, rivers and lakes so I'm looking forward to fishing and kayaking.  Staying close to shore until the water warms up a bit.
Travis and Krys are still living here, I really hope they move soon.  They need to get their own place so Sarah will spend more time at home.  I have a new bird.  Her name is Flappy.  She is a great bird and tame.  I can pick her up and she is so playful.
I'm planning on driving down to Mom's in June.  Brenda and Bobby are moving down there and they should be all settled in by then.  I want to go to Gettysburg and Antietam Battlefields, also stop in to see cousin John, Amy and Aunt Bernice in Phenix City, AL.  Then stop in Tuskegee to see the famous place of the Red Tail fighter pilots.  Then to Selma to check out the civil rights museum.  It should be a good trip.  Lots of driving, but I am going to break it down into small sections.  Keep it flexible too.  I will probably take my car and just hope it makes it!  Bring things for camping and a small air mattress for the back seat of the car.  I'm not ruling out a hotel for a night or so either, or staying over with FB friends, hint, hint! 


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