Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tired and bored...

Happy New Year to everyone.  I  had a great New  Years Eve.  Went over to Pastor Kurt and Sharon's house.    There was lots of yummies to eat and then we played a very  funny game of Balderdash.  I haven't  laughed  like  that in such a long time!

I  am still considering reconstructive  surgery to  get a new breast.  I  would get skin taken from  my abdomen  and  have it put up on  the chest, then the other breast would get a lift done to  it.  I  would have two  new breasts and a tummy tuck!  It is a big surgery however and  I'm sure a painful recovery.   I  am  scheduled  to  see the surgeon on  the 16th of this  month.  I should  just go for  it, sure would help with my  body image and how I  feel about myself.  I've had all kinds of surgeries  and can  tough this one out  too.   I think the  worst  surgeries I have has were the hernia surgeries.  Those were  very painful after. 

We  are in the middle of  a cold  snap.   It is only 15F  at 2:00PM today but by the weekend we are supposed to be in the 40's.  We still haven't had any big snow storms yet this year.  Last year  we had  a  lot of  snow  in February so I'm  sure  we won't have too  long to wait!

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