Friday, January 6, 2012

Little things

Just watched The Five people you meet in Heaven. Makes you think about what the story says.. that everything you do, everyone you meet or encounter, can change that persons life. The other day at CVS I saw an elderly woman on her knees feeling around the floor for something. I asked her if she needed help and she said she thought she dropped a dime or a quarter. I looked but didn't see it and reached in my pocket and I had a quarter in it and I gave it to her. She said "oh no you don't have to do that". I then pretended it was the quarter she lost. She was so happy. Maybe it is just a little thing but at the moment it was everything.   Most people  could care  less  if  they drop  a dime or  a  quarter  and  couldn't find  it,  but  to  her  it  was something.   She  probably  grew up in the  depression  or perhaps  is on a  fixed  income.    What ever the case I was glad I could help her even if  I  was  devious.   How many  others would of  walked by?  I have a strong love  in my  heart for  the elderly  after having worked with  them for 18 years.   The  urge  to  help  never goes away.    Some people  from the church  and I went to the  nursing home I used   to work  at and  this old  gentleman   was  in a chair and  I thought  he  was going to  stand  up and  I rushed   forward to stop  him.   I don't  work there  anymore, I could of  just stood there  but I couldn't.   I saw  several  people there  that  night that  I knew,  people  I worked with  and  residents that  knew me and  it  makes me feel  so  good that they are happy to see me.    I hope  I made a  difference because  that  is  what  life is all  about  isn't  it?  Love   and caring  for  your  fellow man.  
This is my Mom, she  loved to bake and made the best  cheesecakes!    I think I  got  my  caring  heart  from her.   I love  you Mom!


  1. Ibet you were a light to their day n not forgettable

  2. I probably would have done as you did. She was definitely in need or she wouldn't have been hunting that money like that. Glad that you helped her. Glad that the people you used to work with was friendly to you. Helen


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