Sunday, August 14, 2011


I was brought up with fairly strict about manners.  I was taught not to interrupt adults, to chew with my mouth closed.  To use my napkin, let others be served first.  Sit like a lady, not to belch or pass gas in public.  Wear clean underwear, not to talk back to adults.  Say please and thank you.  I'm sure most of you know what I mean by the basics of manners.  I have to say I am shocked by the kids I see these days.  Talking rudely to adults, eating with their mouths open and with food in them.  Shoving and pushing by adults.  Always having to be first to get food at dinner time.  Being taught by adults to act tough and "gangsta".  Being encouraged to fight.  I have tried to raise my kids with manners.  My son I did pretty good, my daughter can be very rude to me but is polite in public and in school.  My stepson is a whole different story.  I told him today he must be a throw back to the Neanderthals and he didn't know what meant.  He thinks it is funny to fart out loud and in groups of people, especially at school.  He will jam large quantities of food in his mouth and let it dangle out while chewing.  I could go on all day about his behavior.  I find it just shocking and upsetting.  One of the big problems in my marriage is the behavior of this kid.  I try talking to my husband about it but he basically said that the kid is too old now to teach him anything?   I said "Are you out of your mind?  He is only 14.  This kid refuses to brush his teeth because he said it makes "food taste funny" after.
I need to see my counselor and talk to my stepson's counselor too before I loose my mind!


  1. I hear you, but this is so bad it is almost funny. Someday, a woman will change all that, it just might not be you.

  2. You were taught right Linda. No, it's not to late for your stepson to learn manners. Yes, talk to his counselor by all means. Helen

  3. hi. no, it's not too late. but i think it's not a counselor that needs to talk to him, it's his dad. his dad is letting him get away w murder. or bad manners anyway. plus letting your stepson upset you, and be disrespectful to you. if your husband new how much it upset you and the world, and how rude it was, he would bring his son into line. this could effect your marriage. but your husband doesnt seem to want to deal w his own son, for whatever reason. some fathers think their sons won't love them anymore if they discipline them. tell your husband that you'd really prefer he discipline him. if he tells you he refuses, then tell him you want all 3 of you to go to your stepson's counselor, by all means. then have the counselor tell your husband to back you up, and the two of you can tell your stepson to clean up his act. your husband MUST discipline his son.

    sorry if i butted into your business LOL. you must think, why is an online stranger butting into my business. i only made a comment bc you blogged about it, and i don't want ANYONE to treat you rude and disrespect you. i have been in similar situations. i don't have any children, but i have been in similar situations...

    anyway, you are not a total stranger, i remember you from aol, LOL. my name was fisherkristina then. now i am knoxkrissyLTN (screename). i still have the same blog -- Sometimes I Think.

    Okay, wishing you well,

    krissy knox :)
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