Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lost more weight!

I guess the only real side benefit to being in this funk is that I don't eat as much.  I weighed myself after breakfast today and the scale said 190!  So I've lost 13 lbs so far.  I can see the difference when I look down at my tummy.  The skin is looser.  I have been feeling a little better.  I've gotten up and done some household work.  My husband has been running a wire to the shed.  His friend is helping him.  He is a contractor and knows what he is doing.  It has a breaker set up in it so if anything goes wrong it will flip the breaker.  So the man cave will now have electricity and heat.. LOL.  I will never see my husband again.  
I've really been in a dilemma about what to do about our dog.  He has a severe skin disease and I can't afford to keep taking him to the vet.  I don't know whether to find him a new home like a rescue for his breed or have him put to sleep.  He scratches and chews himself till he bleeds.  If I re-home him I fear someone will try to turn me in because the dog looks horrible and he stinks fiercely.  The vet told us it is difficult to treat once it gets to the stage he is in.  Any advice people?  
I have finally gotten two payments for unemployment, except it hasn't been deposited in my checking acct yet.  That figures! I'm hoping we will get it Monday.  The bills are so far backed up.  All our animals need shots.  It is just so frustrating.  Any day now I'm waiting for the car to get repossessed.  We have been making payments but are behind.  I know everyone is tired of hearing me whine.  But it is my blog and I shall whine if I wish too!  :)
Well as usual I will leave with something nice to look at.  Ishy kitty.  Her real name is Angel but I call her Ishy.  Short for kittenish.  Here she is helping me arrange the items I got in the mail yesterday for free!  I send away for free items from companies.  What floored me was the full size coffee sample from Green Mountain!  They even sent a mug and a sticker!  How generous!  Good coffee too.  I should send it to Dad from Dad's Tomato Garden. 


  1. Good luck with the employment thing. Dave Ramsey has some great ideas for when things like this happen. Paying things like food, shelter, transportation, utilities first and then bills last. He says if you pay just a little on each one it fools their system software, b/c you are paying something. He has letters you can look up on the internet to send, already drafted, just change the names to let creditors know that you are in b/w jobs and have every intention of paying once a job comes your way again. Let me know if you can't find these things and I will try to find them and get a copy to you. Knowing your basic needs are taking care of helps you focus on the job market. I hope the doggie is ok! Take care and thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. If she is in a lot of pain it may be the kindest thing for her to be put to sleep ~

    having said that there is no way I could take her to the Vet for him to do this ~

    I do hope you find a way to get help for her ~ Ally x

  3. That should of course read He and not she as I said Sorry ~ Ally x


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