Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hump day musings

Blue, yes that is a nice color to go with my background! Anyhow, how is everyone? Me I'm ok. Woke up with a bit of swelling on my knee. Didn't hurt it in anyway. Dr. says it is tendonitis more than likely and gave me some Celebrex samples.
I missed work for that? Sheesh..
Remember kitten Simba that we go
t in the spring? He went from a scraggly looking kitten to a handsome teen that resembles a Maine Coon cat. A very amazing transformation.

He is only half grown too! His fur is so soft and luxurious. I could bury my face in it all day! You can also see my new haircut.. sort of. I was planning on donating my hair, 12 inches of it, to locks of love. Unfortately I chose to put in in a plastic bag. My daughter picked it up and spun the bag and the hair tie fell off and the pony scattered. Here I am posing with the remains, but it was ruined.

Now that I know my knee isn't injured in anyway, I am going to begin working at the new stable tomorrow. Sarah gets to come and help out by being the "hay girl" and she gets to ride George the fat pony too! Lucky her! I wonder if I get to ride too. Not George of course! I could probably give George a ride! HA!
Going to take the camera and take some snaps tomorrow... Linda


  1. To bad the hair was ruined. I like the new cut. Simba has turned out pretty and does resemble the Maine Coon Cat. I hope your knee gets well soon. Helen

  2. i like your new haircut! Sad you couldnt donate it but your heart was in the right time! I usually cant let my hair grow long enough to donate, I go crazy before it gets long enough!

    Pretty cat!

    Happy New Year Linda!!!!!

  3. Love your kitties! I have a male friend who let his hair grow until it was long enough to donate to Locks of Love. His mom died of cancer and he did it to honor her memory. There may be enough there, so I wouldn't throw it away...Linda in Washington state


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