Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baking week

I have been doing something I rarely do. Bake. I am a fairly good baker, not great but good. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and regular chocolate chip cookies this week. Tonight I am trying my hand at pumpkin cranberry/raisin bread. I am going to make two loaves. One with cran and the other with raisin. I hope they are cooked enough. I remember a couple years ago, I entered jalepeno corn bread in the fair and it didn't win a ribbon. I picked it up at the end of fair week and tried a slice and found it wasn't cooked all the way thru and had rotted in the middle. Gross! Good thing I didn't poison any judges. My husband has me a little miffed. While he raved about my oatmeal cookies, he said the chocolate chip ones were just "ok". He said he has had better. I used the recipe from the back of the Hershey bag and everyone else thought they were great. So I brought 2 dozen of my "ok" cookies into Sarah's class party today and they disappeared. I guess the kids thought they were good.
I won't go on about the other things he has me miffed about. I guess there is no sense complaining because he could come up with complaints about me too! Plenty of them. I know being married is not easy. Relationships are not easy. Being a family of 5 is not easy. A blended family is hard. Really hard. It is hard to put up with someone else's kid and their ways. I'm sure it is hard for him as much as it is for me. I love my husband and can't imagine being without him. Well, ok I could but there I would be right back in the same lonely hole that I was in. He is nothing in comparison to my ex. No drinking, name calling or wrecked trees this year.
I mailed my Mommy out a box. I cannot reveal the contents here because she reads this. She will get it hopefully the day after Christmas. I was a little slow getting it in the mail.
I'm hoping to get out to the stables tomorrow. I am starting to get to know the horses and their individual personalities. They are gentle horses and very forgiving to this newbie. There is one horse that I particularly like. His names is Deacon. Short for "Deacon's verse". He is a pinto. There is a big horse called "Little guy". There is a big draft called Razz. Several mini's, two goats, 3 pigs, some chickens. The other horses are Earl and Timon, both greys. There are a few more but I can't remember all the names. The actual riding program isn't going on right now, but the horses still need care. They eat twice a day with hay available at other times. Lots of water. Clean stalls etc..
Well, I will let everyone know how the bread turned out. Linda


  1. It must smell heavenly at your house. You'll have to share that recipe with us.

  2. My hubby loves to bake and makes these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that everyone raves about but I kept thinking they were just ok. I think sometimes my tastebuds are just blah, and seem to require a "kick" of something, like everything needs too much spice you know what I mean? I do put hot sauce on everything (not cookies, LOL) and lemon juice all over the place. I have probably over stimulated my taste buds!!!

    Is your hubby a hot sauce guy? Then he may have the same problem. I bet you are a great cook. I myself am horrible at it, but I will sample everything my hubby and kids make!

    sorry to hear about your undercooked cornbread, my kids love cornbread and I have never thought to add jalapenos! I bet that is delicious. Please share your recipe!

    I started writing a book once about a little girl who was a horse whisperer but then I stopped because I know so little about horses. So I would love it if you would write about this, then maybe I could learn enough to finish the book!


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