Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Stop sign

I just had another bizarre dream.. I frequently have very vivid dreams.  In this one I was coming into an apartment complex that I guess I lived in.  I was backing out of a parking spot and when I turned to go forward there was a stop sign on a post in a bucket in front of me blocking half the road.  I was seized with the urge to run it over and I drove at it.  Then I started to swerve at the last second but it was too late and I hit it sending it flying.  I kept going hoping no one saw me.  I went up and around and was then at the top of a hill and my husband was there outside of the vehicle.  I remember thinking that I was worried someone had seen me hit the sign but no one had said anything.  It was snowing and I told him to film it with my camera saying "Isn't this crazy?  We have tomato plants out and it is snowing in July"!  I went back to where the sign was and people were there from where I used to work.  I got out and tried fixing the sign but it kept falling over.  I was saying things like "I wonder what happened" and "Who did this"?  I couldn't fix it.  
Then the dream changed and I was in a park or something and rolled down a steep embankment.  I was laying at the bottom laughing about the sign that I had run over when all of a sudden a vehicle of some sort came flying over the embankment and landed hard just past me.  I stood up and two people got out.  One guy was Asian and had on a blue sweater and a scarf and blood was pouring out of his nose and mouth.  There was a woman with him.  She was tall and thin and very Nordic looking  She looked like Annie Lenox.  She just looked at him with no emotion as he was bleeding to death.  Then she grabbed my hand and said "Come with me".  We left him there and she was taking me with her.  We were in a building with a lot of people and I was trying to act casual and looking at art pieces on the wall.  She grabbed me to her and kissed me really hard and I woke up.  I was still laughing about the sign when I woke up though!

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