Thursday, July 18, 2013


For years I have been plagued by nightmares.   Vivid and realistic ones.  Some are just horrifying.  Last night I had one involving parents.  They were not my parents in real life and in the dream I was not myself.  There was a fire in the house we were at and somehow my parents were in the basement.  The only way to save them was thru a metal bin, kind of like a dumpster except lower and accessing the basement.  I opened it up and it was an inferno.  I could hear my Mother in there screaming.  The bin was stuffed full of burning material and I was trying to pull it out.  Some men came and helped and pulled her out.  She was horribly burned.  She fell onto the ground and they picked her up to carry her to the ambulance as as they did, her face literally slid off.  It was charred and hard.  I asked them if I should pick it up so they can take it with them and they said yes.  I remember picking it up and holding her burned face.  It was not like a face but more like a mask.  I woke up then. 


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  2. Wow that is some nightmare! Maybe in your previous life you survived a fire? :-)


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