Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is here and gone!

I  am not a big fan of Christmas.   It is not that I don't enjoy the lights or the reason for the holiday.   I hate  the commercialism and greed.  I hate  seeing people act like animals on Black Friday.  I hate reading about how someone went nuts  and  killed their  entire  family.   Or the fires or natural disasters that displace people.  I know these things happen every year.   I guess it is  just that the older I get  the less tolerant I  am.   The kids all  seem to  only think of getting  presents.   I got gifts from my 12 year old daughter  this  year.    The other kids  blew everyone off.  Even the 20 year old that works. The only  one  he got gifts  for was  his  father.  He  works at Walmart for goodness  sake!  I  gave  him  a  list!  
I also  have a feeling  of inadequacy.   I  for years bought  for  just  about everyone  I  knew.   I  can't do  that anymore.  Immediate  family only now!    The  kids  seemed happy with  what they got.  Of course  Sarah  got a  double dose, because  she went to  her Grandma's after and got  tons of stuff  plus a  hundred dollars from  her Dad and $100 gift  card from her uncle!  I think  the best thing about  Christmas this  year  was the  service at  church!   Living  Springs.
Anyhow, a lot  has  happened since August when I  last  blogged.   I  am  not  in  treatment anymore!   I am finished.    I am due for a CAT  scan in March.  Also visiting  the breast surgeon  in Jan  to discuss  reconstruction.  I should just jump  in the water  and do it!   Going thru life  as a  woman with  one breast is  hard.   Having two and a tummy tuck  would  be the bomb!  
As  usual  I will add a couple  pictures that I  have taken.  First is a sunset  of course, second is my new  hair!
Third  is our first snowfall of the  year.  Last is some  pigs.  I  like  that picture.   Shows just their backs  but  I  love the colors.  I love pigs in general.   We  raised some when I was a  kid.

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