Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer time

I haven't posted in such a long time!  Things are going along as usual.  Travis got a job at Wal-mart and his first night was last night.  He took the bus to work from the train station.  Which reminds me that I want to hide a cache there!  There are some pretty interesting works of art and I think I will place a cache under one!  I found it ironic that the pieces were created at Salem art works where I just went caching with my Dad on Father's Day!  
I have really been enjoying the birds this year.  There has been numerous species with babies this year and I feel like I've been a part of that happening with my feeders.  
The garden is going along.  We have only harvested lettuce so far but the church garden has produced zucchini, beans and peas for the first time yesterday!  I was pleased to give one of our church members the first harvest!  
I just went out and checked my trumpet vine.  I have had it for 5 years and I think it is going to bloom.  I found buds on the ends of 3 vines!  I need to put a trellis up for them.  They were growing over the  top of the shed but Rich got upset over it saying they would rip off the tiles so they are draped over the side.  I need to rig some support up for them.  
I have finished my A/C portion of chemo and will start on the Taxol tomorrow.  The Dr. thinks it will be much easier on me.  I hope so.  The Rochester Air show is next weekend and I would like to go.  I am not going to book a room until I am sure of the weather.  It is a 4 hour drive out and back.  Rich is hesitant to take the car due to the transmission problem.  I know that most of the miles will be highway miles so I think it will be ok.  The kids would be free to get in.  I think if we take turns driving we can do it in a day, there and back and save on a hotel.  We can decide when it gets later on in the week.  Besides Rich and I are planning a trip to Atlantic City to see the Airshow next month.  If it rains we will spend the time touring casinos I guess.  No gambling however!  Or we can just cancel the trip.  Next month I am also going on my Casting for recovery retreat!  Very excited about that!  It is free too! 
I have a few entries for the fair this year.  Flowers, antiques, veggies.  Hope the veggies get going soon!  Might have to Miracle gro them!  I am also entering culinary with a chocolate cake.  So that is what is going on in my life right now.. not too exciting. 

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