Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pain and more pain...

Ok I am going to whine just a little.. My back has been killing me!  Ok that is enough.. LOL  Spring has finally arrived here in the Northeast and things are just beautiful.  I really enjoy this time of year.  It is not too hot and we are finally seeing leaves and flowers.  The migratory birds are coming back.  I had my first hummingbird three days ago!  That is early for me!  I have pansies out in the boxes on the deck.
Chemo has been easier this time except for some strange pain in my shoulders and my back of course.  I have a little bit of numbness in my fingertips.  I need to get to the store and get some seeds to start soon.  Also bedding plants for food, cabbage, broccoli etc..  It is too early to start tomatoes but we can get some cold weather stuff going. 
Here are a couple spring pictures!  Red trillium and skunk cabbage!

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