Sunday, June 27, 2010

Out of work

I've been temporarily put out of work by my Dr. due to stress, anxiety and depression.  She changed my meds from generic lexapro to generic Prozac.  I hope to see an improvement.  I have been very unhappy at work.  I find my boss difficult to deal with.  I think she is trying to push me out the door.  She doesn't like the fact that I have FMLA for my daughter.  I have signed up for it for myself too as a matter of fact.  I am thinking that after I am feeling better, a job change is in order.  
Karl went to Camp Scully  today.  I think he will have a good time.  I found out that they let children with diabetes go to, so I will see if they have room for Sarah in a session this year too.  She is signed up for Circle of Life diabetes camp in August either way.  Camp Scully was basically free.  We got a scholarship for Karl and only paid a $35 deposit.  
I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but I have been dealing with issues with my left breast.  I have a mass.  They drained a cyst but there is still a mass inside.  It could very possibly just be fibrocystic tissue but I need to go see a surgeon to decide the next tests to run.  I hope he orders an MRI before a biopsy!  Of course getting the cyst drained was no big deal so a biopsy probably won't hurt either.
Our garden is going very well.  I have decided the back of the yard is not a good spot at all for veggies.  We planted radish and onion there and none has started bulbs.  Lots of greens but no developing roots.  The radish to the north of the house however gets more light and has very nice bulbs on them.  Its actually time to harvest.  We have cabbage coming along nice and the tomatoes and squash are doing good too.  I'm getting fair entries ready and hope we get some good produce to show.  I am entering a live squash plant in a container again this year as well as a nice lettuce plant.  Here is a picture of the garden out front.

Here is a close up of the squash in the center.  Its a zucchini.

My bee balm this year got very tall, here is a blurry pic my hub took but you can get the idea..

Close up..


  1. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it but you have also shared some good news too.

  2. I have a terrible time with zucchini because of the stupid squash bugs. Hey, I saw your widget and decided to put one on my own blog.

  3. I hope that you can find a different job where you will be treated right. May your health problems go get better and go away. Great pictures. I hope you win with that great big squash plant at the fair.

  4. God bless you Linda. My thoughts and prayers are with you. ((((Linda))))

  5. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers ~ Ally x


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