Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sarah and Stanley

I watched something amazing happen today. Sarah and I took old Stanley the quarter horse out to graze on some new grass today. Sarah wanted to lead him so she started leading him from green spot to green spot. Then they moved down around to the back. I walked behind them thinking to myself that she is living my dream. When I was her age, I dreamed of having a horse or even just being around them, and there she went. Soon she had Stanley following her like a puppy. She jogged and he trotted right behind her being so careful not to step on her. She turned and he turned. She stops and he stops. I told her he has bonded with her. That horse was on her like velcro! I will have to bring the camera out this weekend and get a movie of her and Stanley.


  1. aww thats sweet!

  2. How lovely, you are right, every little girl's dream.

  3. That is awesome for her - being in the meadow on their terms is the best way to bond with a horse. I would have loved to have horses at her age.


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