Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keeping busy

We have been keeping busy working and volunteering up at the stables. We have ridden a couple times but the horses are very barn sour and do not want to go out for rides. They would rather stay in the barn or be with their friends. Work for me has been stressful and Sarah has been sick and I missed some work. I go back this weekend. The weekends have been a nightmare with staffing. Not enough staff and everyone is shrieking at me about it. I wish I could go out and make some nurses and CNA's out of mud!
Signs of spring have begun here. I saw a couple squished skunks and the birds are starting to sing. There have been red-wing blackbirds back too. The males come first and start setting up territories. The females come later on. The snow is melting and b
uds are starting to form on the trees. A few more warm weeks and dandelions will start to grow! Here is one of the latest pictures from the farm. Enjoy! P.S. my hair looks very grey in this picture, its not. Just the sunlight I guess...


  1. Hope Sarah is feeling better and you managed to make some Nurses out of MUD :o) ~ I wish Spring would make an appearance here it is still cold ~ Loved the picture of you with the Horses ~ and I thought you were a Blonde :o) ALLY X

  2. I hope things work out with the stupid nurse. Am thinking of you, wishing I had some words of advise but I dont. Our school nurse is stupid too.

  3. Awe, poor little Sarah. Hope she's all well now. At least the horses are getting you out to enjoy the weather.


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