Friday, October 23, 2009

No clever title today.

I was trying to think of a clever title and came up blank. Nothing really happening lately except me hitting a deer and Rich getting a virus on the computer. I'm waiting for #3.
The deer was a complete surprise as I have never hit a deer before! I am usually quite cautious because deer are numerous around this area and really moving about too this time of year. I was driving to the school to pick up Sarah and did not take my "usual" route, I said to Rich, lets go the backway and avoid the traffic.
Wrong decision! I was going up South Greenfield Rd. A road we drive on daily and all I saw was a flash of white and brown coming out of the corner of my eye and before I could react I hit it. I just shouted "Whoa!" and saw this poor deer catapulting up into the sky, flipping end over end and then disappearing. I pulled over quickly as there were a couple cars behind me. I remember looking in my rear view to see if they saw what happened. They just went around me, barely slowing down. I thought the first car would of stopped. They might not of seen me hit the deer anyhow. So we got out and the poor thing is struggling around trying to get up. I called 911 and they were going to dispatch a sheriff to come and dispatch the deer. We waited and waited. I called Sarah's G-mom to pick her up at the school and she came up and around and dropped Sarah off at the accident site before the sheriff showed up! The deer had died by then. Sarah is a bit of a ghoul when it comes to stuff like that. So about 5 minutes later, I called again and they said the sheriff was coming. So he finally came, a deputy by the way, we never see the real sheriff of course! He was really nice and helpful and informative. We got a written report. He said we could have the deer, but neither Rich or I were prepared for that so we didn't take it. I called an old friend and found out the next day they didn't come get it as the deer was still there. The damage to the car is not too extensive. The hood is dented and bent, the grill is cracked and one light cover is scratched and the light points up. So the insurance adjuster is coming out this morning.

This is the deer the day after. Already covered with bugs and bloated. It was a small doe.
In other news... we went to a Lincoln Brewster concert on Wed night. He is a Christian artist. Very good show. He sang, played guitar and told some stories. He used to play for Steve Perry from Journey. We all went and enjoyed the show a great deal. This guy is a phenomonal guitar player! I did take a video of a solo but haven't uploaded it yet.
Not much else to report.. Linda


  1. Glad that you all didn't get hurt in the accident. Poor deer. Glad that you enjoyed the concert. Helen

  2. Fast Food Huh?

    Glad nobody was hurt


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