Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I learned today!

I downloaded songs onto an Ipod today! After figuring out the technical part it was easy. So now Sarah has a variety of music from Metallica and Kiss to Kate Perry! Yesterday we went to Albany and looked at some of the historical buildings. I got the car stuck in the driveway of the Schyuler Mansion. Ha! Took Rich 15 minutes to get it out. Then we went to the Albany Institute of History and Art.
We saw some nice art work and a couple mummies and a mummy dog! I have pictures and a video but haven't put them on the computer yet. We went out to lunch at the Golden Corral. That place was a zoo. Packed to the hilt. It was like feeding time at the zoo. It is a buffet for those of you not familiar with that place. The food is pretty good however and worth the visit. We went to the one in Albany, so to me it was a culture shock because up where I live there are not alot of minorities and there are alot more in Albany. I enjoyed looking at the different styles of dress and all the cute kids, but I don't do well in crowds and the kids were acting up (mine) so I was ready to leave pretty quickly! We then went over to Rich's sisters and visited for a bit and had dinner. I sat with his sister and we bonded over family photos! She is nice and seems to like me. I'm glad, its better if the family likes you! Work tomorrow and then Tuesday off for Dr. appts. Me to the sleep clinic and Sarah to AlbanyMed for her diabetes check up. Linda


  1. Welcome to the iPod world!

  2. You'll have a zillion songs before you know it - it gets addictive!!!

    Sounds like a pretty good day - nice you & his sister got along so well. That's a good thing!


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