Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hollywood's war against women

I think Hollywood or the celebrity mags should be ashamed of how they treat female celebrities regarding their weight or lack there of. No wonder so many women have eating disorders. Look at these recent pictures of Jessica Simpson who was called "fat" and the pictures of Jack Black and nothing was said regarding his weight at all. Am I the only one who thinks there is a problem here?


  1. I agree ... there's a double-standard and it's terrible. I have seen some criticism of Jack Black but that's not the real point ... people should be allowed to live their lives at the body weight that's ideal for them without feeling criticized or guilty.

  2. I think Jessica looks great and she looks happy. Jack is like me he has entirely to much of it LOL. Helen

  3. There are always different rules for men than there are for women. Sad. I think Jessica looks great. Jack, well, TMI!

  4. Oh my Jack!!! I had no idea he had such a belly on him!! Yeah the double standards are something else but I doubt they'll change. As long as "hollywood" remains obsessed with being skinny and all of the fashion models are bone thin that will be the bar people look at. I didn't think Jessica looked that bad. She looked totally different than when she played Daisy Duke but I felt sorry for her and all the ridicule she endured.

  5. I agree with you ~ there are double standards for men and women ~ I thought Jessica looked great ~ and Jack does need to lose a little off his tum :o) ~ but that's his problem and we should leave him alone to deal with it or not as he thinks fit :O)
    Ally x


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