Friday, July 26, 2019

Deep thoughts

Today I was looking at the FB page of a boy I went to school with.  I had a big crush on him in Jr. high.  It looks like he did very well in life.  College degree, great job, beautiful wife.  Right now he is on a luxury vacation tour in Tanzania, Africa.  
It makes me wonder how some people from the same peer group are so successful in life and others just flounder?  I realize that family wealth and success have a lot to do with it.  So does hard work and good choices in life.  Some is just plain luck.  
I think about how I grew up and the choices I made as an adult that led me to where I am today.  It is all a matter of perspective I suppose.  To millions of people on earth, I am considered a "wealthy" woman.  To other millions, I am considered poor and a "leech" on society. 
After the debacle with Rich and my unsuccessful bid to break free, I am back to where I started.  I want comfort and security, but I also want to break from this tedious life that I live.  Maybe I should just sell the house for a couple thousand and be done with it!  No more rent, electric and cable bills, no more propane bills, just me, my car and a tent.  

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