Saturday, May 8, 2010

The week from hell

Anyone that follows me on facebook knows what a week I've had.  I couldn't of made up all this stuff if I wanted to.  My Uncle Jack died on Sunday.  Sunday evening Sarah was messing around with her insulin pump and gave herself a huge overdose of insulin.  She was in the hospital until Tuesday.  On Wednesday I found her insulin pump was missing from her kit.  We searched the house for two days and never found it, so I have assumed it was stolen.  Sarah also got sick at school from high sugar after the principal wouldn't let me give her her Lantus shot at the right time because she was in state testing.  On Thursday, I found out the school nurse turned me in to Child Protective again because of Sarah's overdose and the fact that I didn't "insist" on Sarah being pulled from class and testing to get her shot, even though I was coming back in at lunch to administer it.  I was shocked that even though Albany Med didn't feel I needed to be reported to CPS that Bitch at the school did, and I was the one who told her what happened.  So I ended up calling the principal and complained about her and the way she has been treating me.
Thursday night my brother called just as I went to bed and told me my mother had been airlifted to Cabrini hospital in Alexandria, LA for high blood sugars and vomiting.  Turns out she may have had a mild heart attack too.  She is recovering and hopefully will be out of the critical care unit soon.  I hope I can talk to her at least tomorrow on Mother's Day. 
So that was my week from Hell..


  1. Thankfully that week is over. Hope it's a better week ahead for you

  2. What a week you have had. Hopefully things will get better soon. Helen

  3. Let us hope for your sake this week will be better for you ~ I am so sad to read the News of your uncle Jack ~ and I hope your Mother makes a speedy recovery to good health ~ Ally x


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