Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For my animal friends

Ok is this a GOAT or a SHEEP. I say goat, others say its a sheep. I say because it is not wooly it is a goat. Experts? It has a course straight hair coat. I found a picture of what is called a Barbados Black belly Sheep, called a hair sheep. I guess it may be a sheep after all!


  1. New breed I suppose. It does look more goat than sheep. Helen

  2. Too interesting! I have long haired sheep, woolly sheep, and long haired goats and short haired goats.

    My kids use the horns as the identifier. Goat horns are straight up and back as sheep curl or twist...I think that the nature of the two is also what separates, as goats are so playful life long and sheep are not.

    Conclusion...i am not sure!!

  3. I think they look like goats but I don't know! They are cute whatever they are :)

  4. I think it is a Goat ~ but not absolutely sure :o) ~ Ally x


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