Monday, September 7, 2009

Halloween give away!

This neat blog site is having a giveaway for Halloween! I saw pumpkins today at some roadside stands, so fall must be almost here! It is also apple picking time.
Rich and I went up to Whitehall, NY for a town wide garage sale. Most of the sales were junk but at one I got a pair of barely worn sneakers that are normally around $70 for $5 and a pair of hiking sandals with tags on still, Teva brand for $2. I got a couple books and some other little odds and ends. This next weekend coming up is the townwide garage sales for our town. I have to work however, so no shopping for me except maybe after work.
School starts Wed. I have to make sure the kids have everything. I think Sarah just needs a couple more small things and she will be all set. It seems the list goes on and on for things they need. They have to bring alot for themselves and for the classroom supplies. It seems like the money never stretches far enough these days. Always scraping by on Monday and Tuesdays until the child support or the work check comes. Glad Rich is working and Travis will start a week from today. He got a job at Quad Graphics. It is seasonal but hopefully will work into a full time position! Not much else going on. Taking Sarah to the specialist on Thursday. Herbert has shrunk but has left behind a hard little lump in her arm. I am hoping it is nothing to be concerned about. I sure can't afford to take time off work right now for illness. Thanks for the prayers from everyone I think they helped!


  1. It is just the same here, so much school equipment to buy and then the schools are always asking for money for something or other. Sounds like you got some good bargains at that sale.

  2. Even after parents supply school things, teachers spend a lot of their own money for different things the kids need. This year the teachers will have to take off some half days without pay. That hurts their budget also. The reason for half days is the kids have to have a certain amount of school days a year. I am glad that Sara's arm is doing better and I hope that thing is soon gone, I hope you get good news from the specialist. Helen

  3. Hello. I came upon your blog from Sonya's blog and I really enjoyed your entry. I wish I could have went with you to that garage sale I love finding books at garage sale's. It sounded like fun and I hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend. Do take care.



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