Friday, July 3, 2009

Feeling like crap

I have been going around for the last few days feeling like my head is going to either implode or explode. Lots of pain and pressure in my sinus' plus a mild ear infection going on. I'm too cheap to go to the Dr. so I have been using home remedies. I had a nurse at work look in my ears and she said there was alot of wax so I have been trying to get that out very unsuccesfully. I may have to cough up the $30 and go see the Dr. anyhow.
On top of it, I have to bring little Buzzy to the vet to get his ears checked out. He has been having problems for a coupl
e months now with oozy discharge and has been walking around with a tilted head.
I am bringing Travis over to my work to apply for a job in the Nutritional Services dept. They start at around $9.00 an hr. I hope he g
ets the job and also keeps it. He is acting very particular about where he wants to work and I told him he can't afford to be picky anymore. All he has been doing is lounging around on the couch talking for hours to this girl who lives in Scotland and planning their life together. Oh and she is 13! Momma isn't too happy about that! There are a few young men and women around his age who work there so maybe he will like it.
In gardening news... we have alot of broccoli and are waiting to cut the first heads. I want to wait until they get a little bigger. I check them every day and make sure they aren't about to bolt. The tomato plants are growing and the squash and cukes have finally started and have flower buds on them. Maybe in a few weeks we will have some cukes and squash! I know once they start they go fast! My Mom and brother report that their garden is almost finished because it has been so hot down south. 100 degree weather every day. Rich is coming up for the wedding soon. Driving up.. it will be good to see him. Then his daughter and him are leaving for a road trip back down.


  1. I am sorry to hear you are feeling so bad ~ hope that you will be feeling better soon ~ I hope Travis does get a job whatever he does it will be better than just sitting around at home ~ Heres Hoping you get Buzzy's ear treated and he is on the mend ~ Ally x

  2. sound like the pup has ear mites


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